• Catalog of 40,000 Universal Music Group and Universal Music Publishing Group pre-cleared audio streaming tracks

  • Never before-seen, original content and archival assets

  • Office hours with artists & the creative community

  • Mentorship from veteran industry leaders and Universal Music Group’s technology partners

  • Access to APIs from our hackathon partners soon to be announced


 If you have an idea for a new Alexa skill, AR/VR immersive experience, music gamification app or Twitch extension, fan engagement tool, etc., and are in need of content or artists to experiment with, our Hackathon is perfect for you. Checkout our Gitbook Guide for API resources and thought starters. Our category challenges for December are below but all ideas at the intersection of music-tech are fair game!

  • UMG Challenge: Re-imagine ways of using emerging tech to change the music consumption & discovery process for fans (e.g. voice discovery, web3 applications in music).

  • Verizon 5G Challenge: Design and develop an immersive mobile music experience that can only exist with 5G. Over the course of the weekend, your team should develop a proof of concept prototype that streams and/or dynamically pulls hi-res graphics, spatial audio, volumetric video capture, and motion-capture driven animations over the 5G network. Your final deliverable should be an immersive music experience developed in Unity as an Android app. Since we’re providing an asset package that includes Unity libraries, we highly recommend that every team uses Unity.

    Note: Participants selected for the Verizon 5G Challenge will be committing to a three-day competition. Your team will spend Friday at RYOT's 5G lab to work with their volumetric capture experts, Unity developers, and 5G engineers. On Saturday, we’ll collaborate at the Capitol Tower so you can add the finishing touches to your build. Before judging happens on Sunday, we’ll test out your prototypes on Verizon’s live 5G network at a hidden location to be announced at the event.

  • Twitch Game Jam: Design and develop a gaming experience or Twitch extension at the intersection of music and augmented reality.

  • Spotify Challenge: Spotify is looking for the most creative use of the Spotify developer platform.  

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to connect with potential teammates / participants, like our Capitol360 page, join the Capitol360 Hackers Facebook group, and checkout our thoughts starters, challenges, and API resources.